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  1. Hand Strollers Lift Down Durable Tester

    Hand Strollers Lift Down Durable Tester has been appreciated by customers for its durability and sturdy construction. This recreates conditions to test the strength, upholding and pushing durability properties beyond the obstacles made by the simulation under the pressure of raising durability test. The offered range is tested and verified by a team of expert professionals to meet set international industry standards. This tester helps deliver products that reach customers satisfaction and specifications.
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  2. Uneven Road Stroller Test Equipment

    Uneven Road Stroller Test can be used to test manufacturing products of toys and baby carrier. Its machine simulation work to determine how a stroller would work while walking on road conditions that are adverse and how the wheels would reciprocate after impact through different methods. Tests help calculate deformation or damage of the wheel to help manufacturers improve product quality. This tester is made from premium quality raw material and passes through the quality check by professional experts.
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