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  1. Vicat Softening Point Temperature Tester

    Vicat Softening Point Temperature Tester is used for the determining of the softening point for materials that have no exact melting point, such as plastics. The temperature at which a flat-ended needle penetrates the specimen is to the depth of 1 mm under a specific load. It shows the kind of softening to be expected when a material is used in an elevated temperature application. Generally used in colleges and universities as well as R&D organization for quality supervision and assessment unit.
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  2. Waterproof Leather Dynamic Tester

    Waterproof Leather Dynamic Tester is used for determining leather and artificial leather for penetration resistance. This testing equipment test is used to do waterproof tests for leather and imitation of leather cloth and others. The testing is done from the environment based to imposed and reverse water penetration to measure the material index of resistant penetration. Its performance-based products are used in shoes, clothing, luggage, handbag industry and research laboratories as well.
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  3. Leather Softness Tester

    Leather Softness Tester is used to determine that the leathers of the same batch are of a similar softness or ensure that the softness of every part of single leather is uniform. It is characterized by accuracy, simple operation, beautiful appearance, convenient portability and easy maintenance. The material while clamped deflects above an aperture of a known diameter when subjected to a specific load applied by a pin of a smaller diameter is measured. The deflection is read on the analog or digital gauges.
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  4. Leather Impact Tester

    Leather Impact Tester is utilized to test the resistance effect execution of the metal materials under load. It is a vital testing instrument for the exploration of new materials in research organizations. This testing instrument is used in machine fabricating units that have metallurgical properties. The machine is used to test hard plastic material subjected to a specific edge, the heaviness of the blows and the vitality retained to decide material sturdiness.
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