LED Aging Test Machine

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  1. Led Dust Test Chamber

    Led Dust Test Chamber is suitable for testing the products that have shell sealing. Made of stainless steel it is mainly used to simulate sandstorm weather on locks, LED products like solar lights, garden lights, buried lights, tunnel lights, car lights and fountain lights. It has a transparent window that is convenient to observe the specimen during testing with high sealing, wing speed, and low noise. The product quality is guaranteed by professional analysts who have tested it on various parameters.
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  2. Led Light Aging Climate Testing Machine

    Led Light Aging Climate Testing Machine is suitable to simulate test environment with different temperatures and humidity. Its cyclic test climatic conditions include holding test, cooling-off test, heating up test, moistening test drying test. High performance with quiet operation properties makes it the best in its range. Made with stainless steel it fulfils all climate testing processes efficiently. It passes through quality test by experienced professionals in this field on diverse parameters.
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  3. Rain Test Chamber

    Rain Test Chamber is utilized to test the water resistance primarily for electronic and electrical items. This one-piece chamber meets the requirements that laboratory tests intend to certify materials of military use, as well as civilian, against environmental damages due to water. Made of stainless steel it can be used to test products like headlamps, tail lights, and wiring harnesses making them ideal for conducting a water spray test.
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  4. Salt Spray Corrosion Testing Equipment

    Salt Spray Corrosion Testing Equipment is used to detect corrosion and the reliability of the sample. It is not only easy to use and maintain but also useful in providing the accuracy and flexibility necessary to meet today's demanding corrosion test procedures. The corrosion cycle can be automatically repeated a predetermined number of times. Conforming to various national and international standard test methods it is provided with user-friendly features to operate it easily.
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