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Luggage Test Equipment

  1. Luggage Drop Impact Testing Equipment

    Luggage Drop Impact Testing Equipment is specially designed to be used for checking the damage occurred when a luggage is dropped from a specific height. It is mainly utilized in suitcase manufacturing industries to provide an assured and tested product their customers. This equipment works by dropping work piece from a specific height & applying controlled pressure at a defined rate and detecting the harm done. It is required for improving the quality of manufacturing products to ensure complete satisfaction level of users.
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  2. Transportation Vibration Test Equipment

    Transportation Vibration Test Equipment is manufactured with a closed transparent chamber required as a platform for testing materials and a programmed control panel. This equipment is utilized for checking the capability of different products to handle vibrations occurred during transportation for them to reach their destination safely. It is done by placing test materials on the installed platform and shaking it at the desired speed, which is controlled by operating panel.
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  3. Leather case pumpy test equipment

    Leather Case Pumpy Test Equipment is designed having an operating panel and a separate working platform under the surveillance of proficient engineers, in compliance with predefined industry standards. This test equipment is utilized for checking the strength, walking ability, pressure bearing capacity and any damage to leather bags, suitcase, and travelling trolley bags. It gives the flexibility to adjust speed of machine as required according to the type of product being tested.
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