Metal Test Machine

  1. Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

    Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine is used in many industries including footwear making, metal processing, rubber, plastic, electronic appliances, and automobile industries. It is utilized for checking the hardness of different products to assure their quality and user’s complete satisfaction. It is designed having a compact structure with an LCD display and pressure applying assembly. This machine is known for its accuracy, durability, trustworthy nature and user friendly operation.
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  2. Combustion Tester

    Combustion Tester is utilized for checking the temperature at which a product completely burns. It is a type of programmed ignition analyzer which is used for rubber, plastic, wire, cable, and polymer insulation coating burning test. This tester is designed having a gas source, machine controller, and a test chamber with the desired size of Bunsen burner. Before being approved fit for the use, it is tested on stringent quality parameters to assure complete customer satisfaction.
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