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  1. Bursting Strength Tester

    Bursting Strength Tester is utilized in textile, electronic, rubber processing, plastic, shoes, and furniture manufacturing industries. This tester is required for detecting the rupture or tearing strength of different goods including automobile or bicycle parts, electronic appliances, fabric, paper and other materials. It works by holding specimen between circular clamps and then stretching it by applying pneumatic pressure at a defined rate, until testing material breaks or bursts, to depict its quality.
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  2. packages compression testing equipment

    Packages compression testing equipment is used to detect compressive strength of cartons, containers and other packaging structure, dynamic holding pressure technology
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  3. Microcomputer Carton Compression Test Machine

    Box Compression test machine used to detect compressive strength of cartons, containers and other packaging structure, dynamic holding pressure technology, simulate stacking the test of pile, in order to know the compressive strength and impact-resistant capacity of product packaging on the transportation, stacking process. This machine adopts Load Cell Sensor, the resistance values directly displayed on the screen through the computer.Its data can be used as packaging design, assembly and construction.
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  4. Paperboard Burst Strength Testers

    Paperboard Burst Strength Testers to test the bursting strength performance of paper, paper board, and corrugated board. Bursting strength is a traditional measure of paper strength and it is also a test requirement for corrugated board
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  5. Carton Box Compression Testing Equipment

    Carton Box Compression Testing Equipment is primarily used in packaging material processing industries for identifying the strength of boxes required for transporting different materials. This test equipment is installed with load cells which detect the weight holding capability of carton boxes, to ensure that they do not get crushed when stacked over one another during transit. It is required so that delicate and heavy materials can be safely moved to various places by packing them in the boxes.
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  6. Paper Tensile Strength Testing Machine

    Paper Tensile Strength Testing Machine can be used in pulp and paper, textile, rubber, and plastic processing industries. It is required for checking the elasticity, tear resistance, seal quality and stretchability of various products including paper & fabric. This testing machine is designed having a specimen holding platform, an upward moving assembly, control panel, driving motor and other necessary components. It is available in different models required according to the need of diverse group of customers.
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  7. Paper Board 4 Point Bending Machine

    Paper Board 4 Point Bending Machine is designed having four assemblies which can hold cardboard from all its edges. It is one of the best devices utilized for testing twisting firmness and bending flexibility of paper boards as compared to 2 & 3 point machines. This bend testing equipment is installed with an LCD display which precisely shows the pressure & angle value up to which board can resist breakage.
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