Used Transport Simulate Vibration Test Equipment

Used Transport Simulate Vibration Test Equipment
Product Description
Used Transport Simulate Vibration Test Equipment Price for Paper Box



Product Description


The usage:

Paper Box Transport Simulate Vibration Test Equipment which simulates a transporation environment, is applicable to the vibration test of toys, electronics, furnitures, gifts, ceramics, communications, packagings, equipment, computer and automobile components, etc.






Max. test load

100kg (can be customized)

Frequency range

60~300rpm (adjustable)

Amplitude range

25.4mm (1 inch)

Vibration mode

Rotary motion

Work table size

1000*1200mm (can be customized)

Machine dimension (L×W×H)

1250×1200×800mm including control box (estimated)




1. Cost friendly, which is only 10% of the same products in the USA;

2. Adopts synchronous mute belt drive for low noisy;

3. Rail-type specimen holder, easy operation and safety;

4. Machine base adopts heavy style channel with vibration attenuation pad, convenient, stable and no need to install land screw;

5. AC motor adjusts speed for smooth operation and large load ability;


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