Wire and Cable Test Equipment

  1. Wire Torsion Tester

    Wire Torsion Tester twists a material or test component to a specified degree and force until the material fails in torsion. In this method, the test sample is anchored on one end so that it cannot move or rotate while applying a moment to the other end so that the sample is rotated on its axis. For determining the torsion force in various laboratories, the rotating moment may also be applied to both ends of the sample but the ends must be rotated in opposite directions.
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  2. Wire Torsion Test Equipment

    Wire Torsion Test Equipment contains one stationary and one movable grip, with the ability to apply a constant load. The load ensures that the wire does not bend from the axis of load application or fold over on itself. Metal wires are useful in carrying power signals because of their ability to change into numerous shapes. Good wire materials will be able to withstand repeated bending, twisting, and pulling, while maintaining structural integrity and the desired material properties. Wire torsion tests measure wire ductility and help to ensure that the wire withstands normal loads.
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  3. tensile

    Universal Tensile Test Machine
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